Vegan Christmas

Advice, recipes and gift ideas for a merry vegan Christmas

Chocolate & Sweets

There is a wide variety of vegan chocolate and sweet stuff available these days. It’s impossible for us to list everything that’s available but we can tell you about the things we recommend.


Booja Booja Chocolates

Our first recommendation is Booja Booja. Their truffles are incredibly rich, smooth tasting delights that melt in your mouth and are just as pleasing to non-vegans as they are to vegans. They are fairly expensive, but worth every penny. You can find these in decent healthfood shops. They come in a variety of flavours and sizes. There tends to be a lot of packaging around them, so you might find there aren’t as many in the box as you expect but they do make fantastic gifts.

While we’re talking about luxury chocolate, we have to mention Montezuma’s. They have a wide range of vegan dark chocolate treats including truffles, gift jars, drinking powder, after dinner wafers and buttons. They also have a special vegan chocolate gift bag. Not everything they sell is vegan but all the vegan products are well labelled and easy to find.

Get free delivery on all orders over £75 from Montezuma's.

Moo Free is another brand of high quality dairy-free chocolate. Their Christmas offerings including an advent calendar, a selection box and Santa-shaped chocolate bars.

There is a range of very high quality chocolate available from The Chocolate Trading Company

For the true chocolate connoisseur, Solkiki is ideal. They sell artisan chocolate hand-made without compromise from the finest, ethically sourced ingredients. Of course, it's not cheap but it's great as a special gift. They have a monthly subscription service if you want to treat someone all year round. Their products are also available from The Chocolate Trading Company

There are lovely boxes of hand-made chocolates available from the Animal Aid online shop.

Bars of vegan chocolate are easy to find. Pretty much any supermarket (and much smaller shops and garages) will stock Green & Black’s organic chocolate. Their Dark 70%, Dark 85% and Maya Gold bars are all vegan. Lindt chocolate is also easy to find and again, the plain dark chocolate bars are vegan. If you are looking for more variety, then try the specifically vegan manufacturers. Plamil have bars in a range of flavours in both dark and ‘milk’ chocolate. Also look out for Organica white chocolate bars in wholefood shops.


Marshmallows are ordinarily made using gelatine, which is ground up animal skin and bones. Luckily, there are vegan alternatives, such as Ananda’s, Freedom Mallows and Marshmallow Deli, who have a few varieties of delicious vegan marshmallows. They can be eaten as they are or cooked on a fire. You generally will have to order these online and be aware that they have a fairly short best-before date so don’t order too long in advance.

Vegan fudge, toffee and coconut ice can be purchased online from The V Spot and the Animal Aid shop.

A lot of Turkish delight is vegan but check carefully that it doesn’t include honey or milk. We recommend Truede Turkish delight.