Vegan Christmas

Advice, recipes and gift ideas for a merry vegan Christmas

Christmas Pudding

Vegan Christmas Puddings

Many supermarket own-brand Christmas puddings are vegan these days. If you find one with a ‘Suitable for Vegetarians’ symbol then have a good check through the (lengthy) list of ingredients and you should find that is is vegan. Many supermarkets have a ‘Free From’ section where you are likely to find something suitable.

If you want to make your own pudding, we can recommend this excellent recipe.

There is a variety of Christmas puddings available from The V Spot vegan shop.

Vegan Custard and Cream

You can serve your pudding with ice-cream, soya cream substitute (such as Provamel Non-Dairy Cream) or with custard. Bird’s Custard powder is vegan as are many supermarket own-brands. There is a brand called ‘All Natural Custard Powder’, pictured right, which is made by a company called Just Wholefoods and available to purchase online..

Just make up your powdered custard on the stove according to the instructions but obviously use soya milk instead of cow’s milk. Other milk substitutes, such as rice milk, may be too thin to make good custard but you can experiment with adding extra custard powder.

Ordinary ready-made custard is, of course, made with milk and not suitable for vegans but you can also find cartons of ready-made vegan custard such as Provamel Soya Custard in healthfood shops and Alpro Custard in supermarkets. Provamel also make packs of four little pots of vanilla dessert which can be used as individual servings of custard.