Vegan Christmas

Advice, recipes and gift ideas for a merry vegan Christmas

Vegan Christmas Food

In this section you can find everything you need for a fantastic vegan feast. We have recipes and information on products for Christmas dinner, for tea-time and for parties.

Vegan Christmas Dinner.

If you want to have a traditional Christmas dinner, have a look at our Vegan turkey recipes and substitutes. On the other hand, you might want to buy or make a nut-roast as an alternative main course. Another option is to make our delicious Mushroom and Nut Pie recipe.

As an accompaniment, you can look at our recipe and buying guide for Stuffing. We also have instructions on how to make perfect roast potatoes and other vegetables and a nice side dish of Chestnuts and Sprouts.

To top it all, see our buying guide for vegan gravy.

After that, check out our vegan Christmas Pudding buying guide including information on custard and cream toppings.

Christmas Treats

There are plenty of sweet things too. Either buy or make some Mincemeat and then make some MincePies. You can also try our Cake Recipes or take a shortcut and read our vegan cake buying guide. We also have information on buying vegan ice cream, chocolates and sweets.

If you are having a Christmas party, or cooking a celebratory lunch, have a look at the recipe for our wacky Christmas Dinner Kebabs and amaze your friends with an entire Christmas dinner on a stick!

And, if you want to start the eating early, check out our buying guide for vegan chocolate advent calendars.

Eating Out

If you need to find somewhere for your office Christmas meal, or even want someone else to cook your Christmas dinner, have a look at our local vegan guides which will help you find restaurants that serve vegan food.