Vegan Christmas

Advice, recipes and gift ideas for a merry vegan Christmas

Christmas Hampers

A nice way to treat a vegan is to give them a Christmas hamper full of delicious treats. It’s also a nice way to give a gift to a whole family in one go rather than having to think of individual presents. There are a few companies who sell ready made hampers but you can easily make them up yourselves and often this is the cheaper option.

Think about whether you want your hamper to have ready-to-eat foods or ingredients for cooking, or a mixture of both. This choice obviously depends on whether the recipient enjoys cooking. You should probably balance the sweets with savoury items because you don’t want to make people sick!

Buying a vegan hamper

Make sure you buy a specifically vegan hamper rather than a vegetarian hamper - you don’t want someone to be disappointed at the number of things they can’t eat.

The Virginia Hayward Vegan Jute Bag Hamper has chocolate, wine and savoury treats. There's also a vegan tray, and a vegan wine hamper

Ripe Gifts supply a range of luxurious hampers, including a new range of vegan hampers such as their Vegan Teatime Treat collection.

Vorrei import fine Italian food and have vegan versions of the Christmas hampers, as well as supplying other seasonal foods.

Montezuma sell a nicely made vegan chocolate gift bag.

Plamil, the makers of vegan chocolates and spreads, also have a hamper comprised of their own products.

Making a vegan hamper

For this to be viable, you will need to have a very good wholefood shop locally, or be prepared to buy all your products from the many online shops. You may need to buy from more than one place to get a variety. Some things will be available from your local supermarket.

To begin, you need an empty hamper. If you want to do it properly, you could buy a " target="_blank">wicker basket but this may be a waste unless the recipient is likely to find a use for it once all the contents have been devoured. You could buy a large decorated gift box from a stationer’s, or (the eco-friendly option) take an old cardboard box and cover it with Christmas wrapping paper.

Once you have a container, put some raffia, straw or tissue paper in the bottom.

Now, comes the fun part of choosing what to put inside. Below are some recommendations, but there are probably many more things, depending on the tastes of your vegan. Remember to check our vegan shopping guide if you’re unsure whether or not something is actually vegan.

The Smart Way

If that looks like too much work, you can try the The V Spot's hamper page which has a range of hamper boxes and items to go inside.

Nice stuff to fill a vegan Christmas hamper