Vegan Christmas

Advice, recipes and gift ideas for a merry vegan Christmas

Gift Guide

Buying gifts for vegans

It can be really hard finding presents for people and when that person puts an extra restriction on your choice (by being vegan or just plain fussy) that only gets harder. Of course, being vegan isn’t going to affect every area of your gift-buying. A vegan is just as likely to be happy unwrapping a Kindle, an Xbox or an iPad as anyone else! (Just make sure you don’t buy them a leather case for it). However, sometimes unsuitable ingredients can sneak in. For example, a vegan probably isn’t going to be impressed if Santa brings them animal tested cosmetics or a shaving brush made from pig bristles.

In this section, we try to give you some help. Firstly, our Buying Guide tells you about the pitfalls you need to avoid to make sure that whatever you buy is actually suitable for vegans. In the rest of this section we come up with ideas for gifts that may be particularly appealing to vegans. Of course, there’s no such thing as a ‘typical vegan’ but we hope we can give you some ideas.

For the food-loving vegan, we have guides to buying chocolates & sweets, cakes and Christmas hampers. We have a special guide to gifts for vegans who like to cook and another guide to buying vegan alcoholic drinks.

We have a guide to buying vegan clothes as well as a separate guide for goods normally made of leather, such as shoes, belts, wallets and handbags.

There are ethical homeware gift ideas and a section on non-animal cosmetics and toiletries, including perfumes and aftershave and a guide to animal friendly charity gifts.

If you are just looking for small gifts as stocking fillers or for your workplace Secret Santa, we have a guide for those too.

Finally, we have a gallery of vegan gifts over which your eye may wander in the hope of inspiration.

Making Gifts

One way to be sure your gift is vegan is to make it yourself. The book Vegan Food Gifts has recipes and instructions to help you make a wide range of cakes, biscuits, preserves, drinks, baking kits and gift baskets.