Vegan Christmas

Advice, recipes and gift ideas for a merry vegan Christmas

Vegan Clothing

You can buy vegan clothing from high street stores provided you are careful to avoid materials such as leather, silk, wool etc. Read our Gift Buying Guide for more information on animal products.

If you are looking for shoes and other products normally made of leather, check out our (Non-)Leather Goods Buying Guide.

Thought Clothing

For sustainable clothing, you might be interested in Thought. They have a wide range of both men's and women's fashionable clothing.


If you are after T-Shirts, hoodies etc. with a vegan theme then these are available from pretty much any of the many charities and pressure groups that campaign for animal welfare. Try, for example, Sea Shepherd or Animal Aid.


CafePress are a customised merchandise creator. Creative people upload designs and you can order these designs printed onto a range of items including T-Shirts, underwear, baby clothes, teddy bears, mugs, greeting cards, fridge magnets etc.

There are a whole load of vegan designs on CafePress with some great ways to tell the world that you’re vegan.


Zazzle is similar to CafePress with designs available on T-shirts, posters, mousemats etc. Just type the term ‘vegan’ into the search box to see what they have available.

Christmas Jumpers

What would Christmas be without an awful jumper? Don’t answer that - just look for a jumper made from acrylic rather than wool. There’s a selection of acrylic Christmas jumpers available from Amazon, but check the item description of the materials used before purchasing.

Similarly, you can find warm hats, scarves, gloves and mittens made from acrylic.

Pave Patterns have vegan-themed Christmas jumpers, T-shirts, bags and baby grows available in their TeeSpring store.